8 schools from 7 countries attain an interactive museum guides

The interactive museum guide is a project, which is funded by the Erasmus+ program. In the start-up phase 8 schools from 7 European countries have been won over by the idea. Impressed by the commitment of the participating teachers and students we have provided a customized software solution on this project free of charge. Transnational Projects in this venture are the combination of online (in software) and offline (demonstrated at the museum on site) studies, all practical cases are actively carried out by the students and teachers. Regular online communications which is a matter of course for students today is associated with the preparation of technical topics from the museum. Here the students learning is very practical, as they create interactive content which interests museum visitors and museums can experience brand new on-site and on the internet.

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For the "Interactive Museum Guide" - Kulturkiosk - project a customised version of the Open Source OER LMS Software is in use. Even though not all content is or will be OER the OER LMS is the best alternative for this project due to the ease and intuitive use. Participating schools find the best support to achieve the desired learning objectives.